Friday, May 8, 2009


So I was up until 4 am but i got the 2nd best coupon Old Navy had $45 off $100 puchase. I got:
  • pair of reduced jeans (hole on seam of the leg, i'll sew it up, $7.50!)
  • shorts
  • flip flops
  • 2 dress/summer cover up things
  • dress
  • 2 sleeveless tops
  • pj pants

That's 9 item for $58 OOP

Also went to Staples to get the Free Bic pens (w/ Q) and some printer paper that is $1 after rebate.

Went to walmart for some ink, couple folders for school, & honey ham for sandwiches, went to a non-super walmart near my bank and found something my mom wanted so i got it as her mother's day gift.

We "were" going to get our Free KFC dinners today but found out they are giving a raincheck because of the large responders, the line was long so we decided we'd come back another day to get rainchecks...

I've started a "budget" booklet, i've used my left over paper from printing coupons and have it so i can put everything i spend and receive. So i'll know exactly how much money i'm using and where it's generally going. So far this month I've spent $117 on food/household items. That includes todays ink and the ice cream we got at Mcdonald's, nd the chinese takeout we had last week...u get the picture. Doesn't include my mom's gift or the "date" rob and I had at the movies last sunday.

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