Saturday, May 30, 2009

Just for Fun....

  • I added 5 songs to my music player, one for each state I've lived in (wasn't easy to find)

Ohio is for Lovers (have always loved this song)

Rocky Top Tennessee (very catching, love the references to moon shine and that moutain folk only get there corn through a glass jar)

Florida Boy (song is too long but love the line "wear flip flops in the winter)

Gone to Carolina (couldn't find any with "south" carolina really but this i kinda like and Shooter is pretty cool)

Arizona (very hard to find a song with this state but this one is upbeat and catchy)

  • Also, I'm sure many off you know but just in case....Moutain Dew was another sang term for Moon wonder everyone i know (ohio born or TN residents) love the DEW hehehe

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