Tuesday, April 12, 2011

No clinical Tuesday!

Man I feel like it's been 6 months since I've started clinicals (just since Jan) and although most of my class had that no clinical last week, it's new to me. If every week of nursing 2 was like this I think I'd have at least a high B.... So let's thank God and ask him for aid so that I might just pull through with N2 & kiss the ground that God made! I haven't felt this much peace since Christmas break.... And although my test results tomorrow might change that- I'm still hopeful that with my time I can study enough to get the best grade every on a N2 test for exam 4. Then it's just a few days til the final & well...

So I did my notes/reading, I cooked up some dinner (cajun seasoned pork chops with loaded mashed potatoes & honey butter biscuits) & did the dishes, gave max his ear meds & took the dogs out with Rob. Now I'm going to take a breather (and post) before I settle into some nightly TV & maybe make some note cards as well.

Speaking of TV I already checked my guide & noticed Deadliest Catch premeires tonight! Yay! And since Glee is a rerun (ugh) I think I'll watch Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy. I've noticed lately my TV tastes have been leaning toward more wholesome shows & less (excuse for a better word) skanky shows. Don't get me wrong I do have a few guilty pleasures but I've been watching more educating/less rated R reality TV shows, like history channel, A&E, Lifetime. And I know no one cares but me about TV but I'm going to list a few linkies to some shows I've watched. And I just have to say 1 last rant- I have barely seen the last season of 19 Kids & Counting due to it being moved to Monday (pre-clinical = must go to bed early) night. Ever so slightly tempted to order an episode from Amazon ($1.99 each).

And of course it goes without saying I watched all of Teen Mom 2 (Love leah & corey & the twins!!) and I'll probably watch the new season of 16 & Pregnant that starts later this month, especially since I'll be starting the best semester of Nursing - Women's health, Maternity, & Peds (I've probably mentioned this before lol). And FYI True Blood doesn't start back up until June 26th? (Get the next book the first week of May!!)

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