Friday, April 22, 2011

To look or not to look?

So the semester is nearly over....

All I have left is the final on Tuesday because today I took the last exam....

My class has a private FB page and so far my other classmates don't have anything good to say which scares me. Normally we wait for a week for the grades but today they are posted since we only have a few days until the final. So I don't know what to do. Do i look today? Do I wait until like the day before the final?

I think I've decided I need to look before the final (vs after) because I won't know if I passed OR better yet the teacher will just say you failed and I'll be double shocked!

But I know if it is less than 84 I'm not going to be happy because I need 168 points to pass (2-84's will do it). I might even (worse case) find out I failed upon looking at this grade. My fear is that my grade will affect whatever plans I have at studying. That I won't be able to instantly turn around and go back into hyper-study mode.

I feel ok, I felt more prepared for this exam, even though I did go back to about 10 like usual and they sneaked a few questions not pertaining to this material in there (not happy). God took away my fears the 2 days prior to the test so my anxiety did not overwhelm me.

What would you do?

UPDATE: My brother was pestering me to look so I told him to then he told me (even though i said not too but it's ok) because I got a 90!!!! Go me, isn't an A but hey I'm happy with it. Now as long as I score 78 or better on the final I will pass and start my 12 weeks of mother baby, Peds, & women's health on may 9th. So keep praying, I'll keep studying, and God can take the reins... his will is my future.

Happy Easter!


  1. Thanks but I'm not ready to celebrate just yet, still need 78 points to pass, my 100 question final is Tuesday at 10 am.