Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Duggar night....

Aren't extra blessed by having 2 whole hours of the Duggar Family, uplifting & inspirational! I' watching the rerun of the "GrandDuggar" now, I just finished putting the dye in my hair so I'll be up late tonight! (Gotta maintain the pink, at least while I can...)

  • Today me and the Hubs went to a walmart further from our house and realized it was much bigger and had things our new-ish walmart did not...like fabric and expanded craft section....as well as a $5 "shelved" movie section....of course...we each picked 1 out (mine= Black Christmas remake, Rob= Lake Placid) we might have to shop their more often.
  • We have an antique night stand looking thing (i got at a second hand shop for $20 when i was 16/17) so ATM it holds kitchen towels/rags and batteries and lil things like that and we place the dog leashes on it since it is near the door...well a year of this and I've noticed some varnish wearing off where the leashes hit....so I've got some fabric and going to make a kind of table runner inspired thing to place on top (probably hang a little over on the sides too....gotta break out the sewing machine!)....will post when complete!

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