Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good week so far...

Yesterday my husband went to his new job orientation and found out they do offer insurance. That's so awesome, the only slight negative is if we go with the cheaper medical plan and add optical and dental for just the 2 of us the monthly total would be about $236 (or $118/per pay check since it's biweekly) thats $3,658/yr. That seems like alot for just 2 people but what do I know. Since we both have bad eyes (me glasses, him contacts/glasses), he's had 2 bad teeth pulled in the last 14 months, and 1 ER visit (but i have about 4 visits/yr for B.C., and should get back on regular oncologists visits...).....I think it would be smart to take the ooportunity and get the coverage.....although when i see the money I sorta want to pass....I truely believe that if we "had" insurance we'd use it more often, ie...get bad teeth filled vs pulled...rob needs new contacts ASAP anyways....and well you never know when u need a Dr. So although I'm sightly reluctant I'm going to do it. Gotta invest in yourself, right?
Also got an awesome piece of mail today...my acceptance into the Fall (august) 2010 Nursing program for my school..... I had a minor set back last week with the knowledge of "never received" application call.....but over joyed to see that God was watching over me and blessed me by this and not delaying my nursing start/graduation any longer than necessary. I will have much blood, sweat, and tears but in May (?) 2012 (before I turn 30 yay!) I will (will continued help from God) graduate and finally be a Nurse.

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