Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Back from TN...

I haven't uploaded the too few pictures I took but will soon.... It was a great trip, for some reason it doesn't feel like 1 yr & 1 1/2 months since we moved from there. I can not explain it but eer since we moved here it seems like time has stopped but clearly it hasn't as my lovable nieces are growing up. And even though in 3 years (when i graduate) my 2 younger nieces will be nearly 17 and long as they are in TN I think a part of me will wanna be there too (not to mention my brother and his wifey). I truly miss those family moments and get togethers....after all...when life is done that's you have left, no material possesions but loving memories. Which is why my husband wants me to try to get my first nursing job up there....i kinda miss the cold too....Funny how you spend a few days in 60 degrees maybe 50's and you hot Florida 80's and it feels like 100 degrees lol....
  • Got the pumpkin cravings? I sure do, especially after my IHOP pumpkin good....check some out here
  • Want some neato address labels, 140 for $3 shipped? Check it out, I did and created some custom ones with little figures representing my family (me, hubs, doggies & kitties).
  • Went to walmart the Xmas trees up and everything...and received there add for this upcoming Sunday "tis the season" some great food sales!

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