Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy October

It's finally here and isn't it fitting that a couple days ago a cold front drifted down here so the nights are comfy, the mornings a chill, and by noon the sun is beating down 80 degrees. I'm also pleased to see that Glade has added their new "limited edition" holiday scents to their website. I look forward to this scents all year, in fact I may try to hoard a few packages so I can enjoy them year long. I really think that some of these scents are better than their normal ones they offer, so act quickly and but them the first glance you get because last year I went to walmart to see a new displayer. It was huge! But the next week I came it had been severely looted and I was lucky to dig deep on the bottom shelf to grab a few "limited editions" for scented oil candle holder.
On another uplifting husband has gotten a new job, which won't begin for about a month and will be a increase of .25/hr. Hopefully it will be ear or at 40/hrs a week and we'll be doing pretty good.
On a negative note, which really isn't negative, just a tiny disappointing but really is ok. I didn't land an awesome old navy high dollar coupon, just 20% off...But I really can not complain b/c God has given us a great day and opportunities, a true blessing.

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