Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Hallo-Eve

You know what I love most about the week before halloween?
(if you know me then you should get this right!)
All the scary movies on TV! I've come to realize that nowadays most tv I watch is some sort reality thing (like 18 Kids & Counting, Deadliest Catch, Real Housewives of ATL, food network programing, etc.); so I'm thrilled to watch some slightly censored scary yet sometimes funny and predictable, Horror movies. Of course they usually seem to miss the latest ones or a few of the most awesome ones, I still enjoy seeing Jason killing those idiot campers, as well as the haunted insane asyllum taking revenge against seemingly innocent people. And of course thanks to AMC I have this quote stuck in my head " They're coming to get you Barbara.." LOL I know I'm not exactlly in that "normal" american catagory, whatever that is.....
(if you really pat attenion to a big chunk of horror movies you learn just a few useful things, such as: drugs, alcohol, premartial sex are bad and don't trust any stranger, oh and if it seems to good to be true it definately is...)
  • I've "heard" a few select stores are reducing halloween prices now, instead of Sunday (walmart has a tiny selection of home decor reduced but not any candy or other goodies at my location). I look forward to hitting up a few candy options (maybe something good to hold back for the xmas stockings - the candy is usually good until next summer give or take) and target is my fav halloween decor/misc items....waiting for the vet visit to determine my clearance shopping participation!
  • Also noticed that has a "christmas" catagory at the top with the usual u hear christmas jingles? lol
  • Well my eyes are waiting to see headlines like "reduced turkeys", "black friday preview", "cyber monday preview", "sale on canned pumpkin".....hoping to catch a couple good deals, last year (low budget) I was able to get 2 movies from (TG weekend) for $3 each (gifted to hubs, Simpson movie!) I'm alreadying attemptin to gather lists from my most loved family members so I can watch out for deals of items they actually do want (rather than plan B- things i think they might like) lol Xmas lists= Better
  • I'm also waiting to see what my adverturous brother has planned for his Xmas decor, he mentioned he may make a 1st attempt to doing the outside of his house (figures I'm like 11 hours away) but if he loves me (cough cough BEN) he'll take photos for memories and email them to me so that i may live vicariously through his family. Take that as a compliment Ben! Here is an outdoor decoration my SIL Barbara might like here. I think a reindeer would lik good in the front yard between the trees here or here or here.

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