Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Must be that time of year...

Pregnant people everywhere...
I know 3 people personally, that are pregnant and due soon. Plus on 2 of the soaps I watch there are 2 pregnant people. I also just heard that MTV is doing a spin off of 16 & Pregnant called Teen Moms which with feature 4 of thoe 16 & preggers girls.
I'm happy for my friends and cousin-in-law, trying not to watchh the soaps that much, and you know I won't be able to pull myself away from MTV. But I'd be a certifable lair if I said I wasn't a tinsy bit jealous or frustrated/left out or having an unfillfuled desire to have a little crying pale bald blue eyed human (named Dax).
But at the end of the day my brain wins out and natural human desire holds out....
Next week...shot here I come!
Update: This is another reason to add to my growing list of things that make me wanna have a kid here

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