Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Price Matching...

Have you ever done it?
I've done it twice at walmart, almost 3 times when the Hubs went to get the newly released Transformers (target ad $15) but when he got there it was on sale for $14.?? which I thought was unusual for a new releasal but awesome. We did it on a Wii Fit (saved $20) and a DVD (saved $2.50). Now that I'm getting into the swing of things I might try this more often, like with more everyday purchases (ie food or health and beauty). I even heard of a woman somehow getting 12 FREE bags of chex mix this way....not sure where she did the deal but I know it involved a target sale and coupon for $1/1 plus a MQ for .50/1.
Well...i'll be taking a break from the posting as tomorow we'll be heading North! Will probably be internet froo until Tuesday!

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