Monday, October 12, 2009

Columbus Day...

What does that mean?
No Mail
However I did get 2 library books delivered today (private delivery service), America's Most Wanted Recipes & Healthy Family Meals. Already picked several recipes to keep!
Also my husband got the call today, his orientation for the new job is monday and he gave a weeks notice to Applebee's....just hope they don't tell him he's fired when he gets there tomorrow (they have been known to fire people and not let them finish their "notice" time). No prospects for me yet, keep on applying...Hoping that tomorrow will be a great day (by great I mean that I get some mail I've been waiting for and an email!)
Also, this isn't "my" news but the Duggar Grandchild has arrived, late last week. And I believe TLC will have a special episode of it Tomorrow night. I just love that show so much!
Happy Columbus Day

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