Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

I love halloween, it's one of my favorite holidays. Perhaps the only holiday that involves a community coming together by handing out candy to the kids (and sometimes adults hehe). And it just might be the only holiday that allows you to pretend, for one night, and be anyone you want, to forget the troubles of your life and endulge in the happiness of kids and sweets. (I say this is b/c Christmas is good but often followed by stress or a reminder of what we can't afford for those sweet little kids..)
So...did you know that halloween is orginially a Celtic (Irish) holiday?
It's mainly about religion and harvest stuff but has evolved into this trick or treat thing. Wanna know more? Go here...
What about the pumpkins?
Well it has to do with a guy named Jack and him tricking the devil....eventually he dies and God won't allow him into to heaven, not the devil allow him into he wanders the earth with a tiny bit of coal to light the the whole story here.

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