Saturday, October 31, 2009

Interesting facts on last names..

I found this neat (free) thing that tells you info about your last is some stuff I found out...
  • Had more people on the confederate side of the civil war (but some on union too)
  • Is English (as in england) origin
  • 38% were farmers in 1880 (Nat. Avg. 35%)
  • As of 1920 they are a few Radfords' in most states but mainly the eastern half of the country


  • Most live(d) in Ohio and Penn but slight amount in most states
  • Altered spelling of German "Baer"
  • Top place of origin is Germany, followed by Ireland, Scotland, England, & France
  • 287 Union service men and 43 Confederate
  • in 1880 40% were farmers


  • Name origin is South Wales
  • Slightly more in the Union but more people served in Civil war (than other 2 names)
  • Live in similar places as "Rafords"
  • in 1880 38% were farmers


  • Origin (several locals) mainly Swedish (as is my MIL madien name= my hubby's a swed!)
  • Thousands served both sides of the Civil war (more than the other names I looked up)


  • Americanized spelling of "von der Burg" meaning "from the castle"
  • the state with the most "Funderburg's" = OHIO (go Ben!)
  • Only place of origin = Germany
  • in 1880 53% farmers (wow)
  • 6 served in the Union, and 23 were Confederates

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