Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Walmart 6/9

2- Oscar Meyer brown sugar ham
2- Velvetta east macs
2- Regular easy macs
1- wonder bread
1- wheat thins
1- Ritz
1- A1
1- swiss cake rolls
1- Nab. Choc pretzels
1- Ritz toasted crackers
1- velveta mac dinner
1- Velveta Block cheese
1- Honey maid graham crackers
1- Kettle white cheddar popcorn
Coupon Total: $13
Total spent--------------$24.62
Nothing overly great I suppose but had all those "kraft" coupons expiring tomorrow so wanted to use a few to beef up my stock. Most of this is just snacky food but will eventually need the A1 and Rob is a big mac'n'cheese guy. Will make another small trip probably on Thursday, also will go to Kmart for super doubles and Old Navy (got a coupon, this time going to shop for others).

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