Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Night's Concert...

It was so AWESOME!!!!!! They had the upstairs closed but we found a couple bar stools in a corner with a perfect view. Although we might have been farther away than alot of others, we had a great view because in front of use was a sloped ramp so no one's head could get in the way. The pit area so full during Nonpoint, i'm glad we stayed on the stools. They are so awesome. I think this was my 3rd time seeing them. No cameras were allowed but we did get a ticket and t-shirt signed. I'll post pictures after i take'em. And Rob asked the lead singer about Bake Sale & he said they will be there this year! So awesome!!! I know it's about 5 months away but the 2-3 hour drive and possible hotel weekend idea will be well worth it. It will be my 4th Bake Sale...
On a hair note. I had a couple ladies compliment me on it throughout the concert and one creepy lady grabbed it as she was walking by towards the bar. I turned around and looked and she just smiled as she walked to the bar. WEIRDO but not my first experience at strangers touching my hair w/o asking. Although, they usually engage me in a conversation..
PS. there were kids there, I saw at least a few boys, not teens, there just walking around by themselves a few times. In a place full of adults that at least 1/2 were drinking probably since the downstairs had 3 bars & mosh pits on/off during the show. Definately not something I'd do.

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  1. I miss going to concerts:( That's probably the worst limitation with being pregnant. We have been waiting for 2-3 YEARS for tap root to come to our area again, and they finally did this year and we couldn't go. I also wanted to go to rock on the range(seether, anberlin, and so many more)