Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a Girl!!!!

Josh & Anna Duggar are expecting a girl. How exciting and of course tonight is 18 Kids and Counting in TLC. Can't wait until Oct when the new baby comes. Although they said something to lead ya to believe they will not have as many as their parents, thay have said they are leaving it up to God....
But anyways, onto other things....
  • I took my midtern for Nutrition=A
  • Tomorrow is a test in my humanties class
  • Thursday is Final for Psych class, this one i'm most nervous about
  • I'm currently waiting for 2 books and 4 DVDs from the library to arrive (anytime this week) but I currently checked out Seven Brides For Seven Brothers...I love that movie, my dad bought me it on VHS years ago. I don't get around to watching too many old movies now a days but still have a few favorites (like Meet Me in St. Louis, the Gidgit movies, Daddy Long Legs, some others i can't recall & of course The Wizard of Oz, i've always associated it with my Grammy since they have the same name)
  • Now that Rob is on days I find it harder to get out to shop but hopefully I can work something out, Tomorrrow I have to go to CVS

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