Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Night....

I know, I know you're all thinking -wow no posts for days now they growing up like weeds- lol.
Here's the thing
1. I just completed 1 of 3 summer classes
2. Husband always works Saturday evenings & my mom would rather spend time with her BF and his mother.
3. It's the end of the week
So I'm just going to post about some random things to kill time/ease my boredom and just maybe entertain someone else
  • Harper's Island ----Have you been watching? Dude I just finished watching this episode & wakefield is alive?!? And like always the person I thought would die didn't (no points for me).
  • 2 Fav Clothing stores ATM----- Hot Topic & Old Navy......HT has such cute things and lots of band/movie/tv related stuff. Old Navy is comfy, some cute styles, affordable (especially when they clearance things). I know 2 completely different kinds of stores but so what if loving them both means I don't fall in a certain Sterotype, I'm just me.
  • Currently waiting for a few things to arrive from the library (probably monday) - Paula Deen cookbook & some Indiana Jones DVDs for hubster.
  • Are you getting a Sunday Paper? There are some good coupons like: -$1/1 starbucks frap or double shot drinks - $2/1 Starbucks ice cream - .50/1 6 ct Double Roll Angel soft TP - $3/1 Starkist Seasations (i've tried 2 flavors, my fave is the Lemon-so so good)

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