Thursday, June 18, 2009


I went to walmart today to use up some coupons that, majority ending this month.
Before Coupon Total:$175
After Coupon Total: $113
Saved: $62
Would have saved a bit more since a couple things rang up wrong. I didn't bother to question it, although inside I wanted to; I had more than the normal alloted coupons (40) so the CSR or whatever had to come over But this lady I think didn't really know why she had to, because she kept looking at my coupons and pulled aside the printed ones, as if to imply that they might be fradulent. And said something towards my husband because he was chatty, that you're supposed to have only 1 coupon per item, no shit. I had over 80 items and at most 50 coupons. I don't to fradulent couponing, i'm totally legit. i just about was on the verge of feeling insulted because the lady said she couldn't do anything since the transaction was already processed. I've used over 40 coupons 2 or 3 times prior and always just had the CSR put the key in and hit a button. I suppose I'm going to have to "count" my coupons and due multiple transactions....why is the world so paranoid that they think everyone is out to do no good. I'd never attempt to do such awful things. I guess I just wish the world was alittle nicer since I know there are plenty of good people around too.

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  1. Yeah, so often I think that the world is pretty much just like me...why lie? But then there are other times when I think that everyone is so different, and can't hardly trust anyone. Well, almost anyone. :)