Monday, June 1, 2009


  • Im putting the couponing on hold for alittle while, so probably will have less posts but will continue to gather my coupons.
  • I forgot about the new Redbox free monthly movies and missed out on getting a free one today..pooey...
  • Positive note: I have 2 cookbooks on their way to my home: Down Home with the Neelys & Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives....maybe i'll find some "stellar" recipes. If I ever move I'll definitely miss the library books through the mail service.

Tomorrow is my niece's birthday, Kayla, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on the double digits, you'll never go back now...


  1. I love Down Home with the Neelys! Oh man, you'll definitely have to share all the good recipes you find! Why are you stopping the couponing?? BTW, I just found out that we can do the couponing thing here...up to 6 months AFTER the expiration date! :) So if you'd like, send any extras my way! :) Love ya!

  2. Sure i'll send some to ya. Can you use internet printable coupons too? They are manufactures coupons but some places don't like them. Let me know before the end of the month, that's when i'll probably send ya some.

  3. I have no clue! I'll find out! BUT we don't have a printer yet...still on the list of things to buy. :)