Friday, June 5, 2009


So What have I been up to?
  • I took another Nutrition test=A, go me! I'm getting a teeny bit nervous for the mid-term because A. i don't know how many questions B. it's timed (50 minutes)
  • The only shopping i've done all week is walgreens (expiring RRS) & walmart where we spent abut $41, not sure on what but $10 went towards new ear phones for Rob's MP3 player
  • I've lost 2 pounds this week (much needed) I think one was for my working out the begining of the week (and last week= 30 minutes on bike 13-15MPH) and the other was probably stress...
  • Found out the my sis-in-law's sister makes as much as my brother, which made me feel pretty good since i'm basically doing the same thing = hopeful (I just hope that i'm in a calm environment and can trully devote all my time or at least enough attention to schooling)
  • I deleted all my downloaded music on my desktop, i don't think it made it run any faster

What am I going to be doing today or near future?

  • Well a week from Sunday is TRUE BLOOD finally
  • Going to go to Publix for cat food and pasta sauce (a deal yes and i figure no matter happens in my life I'll have enough pasta & sauce & cake/brownies that we'll be carb loading)
  • Also got some errands( post office, drop book off at library, get cash from rob's paycard at ATM, eat lunch (main meal of day) out, sign lease)
  • Going to do some school stuff too of course, have to start a 2.5 page creative writing assignment where I am to protray the life of an ancient greek person like a wife or something (i feel i have to be the wife because i'm a woman and the only women back them were wives or slaves...) In about 10 days or so i'll have a test, a midterm, and a final due. (getting headache now)
  • At some point in the next couple weeks the vet will call for Max to get blood test...trying to put off until homelife settles
  • I've been fighting the temptation to buy myself jeans (fav brand on sale) and rob Tripp pants that are on clearance at HT (would put back for christmas) but since recent personal events I feel like if i spend money on things i don't need i'll end up regretting it ... i really feel like my life is on hold (except for school)

I guess my life is pretty boring for now....I forgot to add that I'll probably be going to the movies on Sunday and might consider a day at Disney in the next couple weeks (we have non-expiring tickets & it's like a 30 min drive)

BTW I've heard they'll be 3 inserts in Sunday's paper...Buy One!!! or check out that coupons and decide if you want one.

A coupon that sparks my attention -$1 off 7 oz + Folgers (could this be used on my Folgers FRench Vanilla Fake Cappicunno?) If yes then I'll have to get a few "extras" so i can have some in my stock (it's $3.54 at walmart and on a bad week i can go through a can).

P.S. I also need to re-dye husband's hair (he went blue) and mine too (might put off until that final is over)

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