Thursday, June 11, 2009


So I'm bored right now, I guess I'm taking a day off of school, since I seem to be on track with everything. I did do a few things for the first few hours...
  • Went to old navy to use my coupon, I bought 3 things for myself ( wedge pink flip flops and 2 tops) the rest I bought items to "gift" for later birthdays or something, like my mom etc.
  • Went to Kmart (see previous post)
  • Went to CVS at the mall and found out that they do not participate in any of the ad deals, which sucked but I did need Medium sized disposable gloves and used ECBs so no OOP
  • Dropped off books at library
  • Got the rest of Rob's last pay check money out from ATM
  • Went to walmart to use some soon-to-expire coupons and stuff
  • Also ate lunch at mall-Burbon Chicken-YUM

Now that i've done all that I'm pretty bored, nothing on TV and I'm procrastinating on the laundry...

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  1. Hello Miss Lee! I've tagged you from our blog! Have fun!