Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm still in the game....

So I didn't get the B or better that i wanted but i'm still surviving...

Just means that I need 37 out of the 47 points left, which should be something like 80 points or more on each test. So far I've only gotten one test about that number. So in addition to studying! I'm going to pray passionately and try to remember to fit in devotional time for my lord & savior! I know I can do this, I can be an awesome nurse. So great that everyone on the floor will want to be my patient. I will love and care unlike most others! I just need to pass my classes so I can graduate and then pass the big NCLEX exam!

Nobody knows if you are an A nurse or a C nurse, just that you are a nurse. I might not have all the answers but I'm ready to make this a life long learning experience and help others until I'm unable to physcially do so!

So if you are the praying kind, like me, please send them my way. I have 3 more tests and 5 weeks (including this week) left of school!

Becoming a nurse will be a big step to other wonderful opportunities to serve in God's name and spread whatever joy and caring that I can. A true domino effect!

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