Monday, March 28, 2011

Gloomy Monday...

So this weekend was nice, I got to see my TN family, which i miss very much. I miss them even more right after they leave! We had a good time but it went fast.

Also took test 3 and i have no idea how i did but it was hard and I had to go back to many of them. It's kind of like a puzzle in my head, i got most of the pieces just having problems matching them all up. Darn F&E!

So Wednesday night I expect to know a glimpse into my fate, which could have several outcomes...

  1. I get a good grade (like test 1) & have a good shot at passing! Yay!

  2. I don't get such a good grade & have to have a few small miracles to pass...

  3. I totally bomb it! & reluctantly accept that I'll be repeating N2 .. ugh..

Then my secondary options should number 3 be the unfortunately fate...

  1. Get in to summer N2 class & pass

  2. Get into summer N2 & fail- will probably attempt to move because I'll be out of Valencia's program for good

  3. I don't get into summer N2 because it's full = ???

I know I want to move to TN but I want to do it right, not rushed or under hard hard life circumstances. I do not want to end up homeless... So I'm going to be praying for God's divine intervention and that his "plan" for me is the one I'm working hard toward. So let's all hope I pass this class and stay on track and I can graduate in may 2012 and get my life heading into a blissful direction.

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