Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Duper Saturday!

So this is my first official day of spring break.....
I have lots to do, mainly school things to catch up on or complete and do some prep for when my brother and his family comes down for a weekend later in the month. Normally I'd totally do this cleaning the week before but my first 2 weeks after S.B. are hellilacous! So I'm doing some stuff now.
Saturday To Do...
  1. Wash guest bed linens & pillows in process
  2. Clean up 3rd bedroom a bit
  3. Fold & put away clothes (i washed yesterday) done
  4. Finish notes on GI & make headway on F&E

I will likely have an errand to run when Rob gets off but it's not 100% set in stone. Wednesday is my free day! Going to start off with a little DR appointment then heading to Waterford lakes with Rob for a little therapeutic shopping (lol) and maybe will actually start mattress shopping....

On a side note, yesterday I bought my first "Groupon" for They make all kinds of shirts and such. It's almost like a create your own logo or whatever you want or pick from theirs. They have some cute breast cancer awareness & nursing stuff! The deal was $25 for $50 of merchandise! Sweet!


  1. CafePress sounds cool. I'll have to check that out.

    Here's to somewhat of a relaxing Spring Break. :) I hope you enjoy your time off.

  2. I just wrote a comment but apparently it didn't go through. ??

    Thanks for leaving the cafepress link. It looks pretty cool.

    I hope you enjoy your spring break and will be able to get some good relaxing time in. :)

  3. Ohhhh, I see! :) You have to approve it first. That's not new, or is it? I guess I forgot, and then I didn't notice. Later! :)

  4. Yeh I had to do that because I kept getting these chinese comments with links in them and I didn't know what it was so I thought it would be best to approve comments- now i never get those comments anymore!

  5. Yeah, I remember seeing some of those. Glad they're gone.