Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finally some good sleep...

But I did have some strange dreams related to school, hospital, and diarrhea... don't ask...
On a lighter note.... Today I did some shopping. Last weekend I was planning on getting a new plastic mat for Rob's desk/chair on because i couldn't find it locally and it was the cheapest.... and then i saw they had a deal (spend $50 get free shipping) & I saw a coupon code too ($10/$50 purchase) so I thought how sweet! I added some extra stuff to my cart and went to place the order but it said i had to pay almost $10 for shipping.... Oh no! So i emailed them and long story short I even tried last night- same issue. So i stopped at staples and found the mat for $5 more but hey no shipping! And i was able to pick up 3 of the other items at walmart for cheaper....
plastic mat $29.99
5x8 index cards (100 ct) $1.88
6pk small legal pads $2.44
4ct Mini sharpies (that you can attach to a key-ring or something) $3.84
So I'm glad that I chose this route, maybe is divine intervention....
Another act of D.I. was my husband placing a pre-order for a video game (shocker! lol) at Amazon and not paying attention that I had a few items in my cart (I was considering but was waiting for money to come in and hadn't made final decision) he bought them all.... Thank god I didn't have anything expensive but it was 4 items. So I will be getting a book on preserving/canning food (for that one day with a green thumb & a garden- ie years away) And a couple things for one of my cousin's b/c she is about to push out a cute little baby! The major downside is that I was planning to directly ship the baby items to her, rather than to my house which is like 1,000 miles away so now I get to cough up some shipping costs! I told Rob his punishment is to have to to the post office by himself to mail the gifts.. LOL
Am I a horrible wife?
Anyways, monday I was up til 1 am with clinical paperwork- so only 3.5 hours of sleep before my 10 hour shift at a hospital. I managed pretty ok & last night I slept a good 9 hours. I hope this was a rare occurrence but I do have at least 2 or 3 more clinicals with 2 patients. I'm kind of shaking in boots, praying for better luck next time. I have other fish to start frying or worrying about anyways.... spring break should be called spring catch up.... I'm really glad N2 was in the spring, let's hope for a better N3!

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