Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Love Finale!!!!

First of all, I'm sad the show is over. It was good entertainment (not a rep. of the Mormon faith!). And if you don't want to know how it ended then don't read this...duh!
I will say I predicted this one.... but I'm still shocked and/or saddened that Bill was killed. And by the wacko crazy neighbor. I know not one person represents any organization/race/religion/etc. but man it doesn't look good that a Mormon killed the polyg- in the realm of the show. But let'ss face the facts most "killers" have a screw loose regardless of who they are....
Glad to see the family didn't separate but still held on.... So sad that Bill left like 10 kids or something, more than have kind of young. But he did stand up for what he believes in and that is admirable on some level.
Also sad that poor Bill's mom kills herself because of Alzheimer's. And like for real she would not be able to get the syringe and 3 viles of meds. I really don't even think 3 viles would fit in 1 syringe (she would have had to refill/reuse). As a future nurse... any med/syringe/whatever can not be left out of site, must be in hand or next to at all times.
So I'm sad it's over, although I may not share in the beliefs that they do, it was entertaining and nice to see such a supportive close family and deeply religious too.

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