Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Fun Day!

This is my house party stuff I got for FREE!!!! So worth it!
So I went shopping today...decided to put together a little gift basket-like thing for my nieces when they come. Just some snacks/candy and little trinkets. Then I got a new bra and did some damage at Old Navy! Was going to see a movie but Rob and I couldn't agree on a movie so we went bowling instead. Good day with my husband... the last for awhile. Tomorrow is kick my butt into school gear..... uhh... I wish spring break was 2 weeks, sadface.
Here are some links to what i got at old navy!
and i got a pair of shorts but they don't have them online....


  1. What cool stuff! I wish I had enough friends close by to do those house party things. :( I guess then I'd have to keep my house tidy though. ha!