Saturday, March 12, 2011

Albertsons Meat Stock-Up

ok so first of all sorry for no photo but I just wanted to get my stuff put into the freezer....
6 pks- steak (B1G2F- $33.26)
3 pks- bone-in chicken (ranging from $2.68-$2.27)
1- Pork roast
2 pk- pork chops (BOGO- $10.38)
1#- Ground beef
3 pks- Tilapia (B1G2F- $9.99)
1- Cantalope (sale $1)
The breakdown....
Pork chops- both had $3 off meat coupons attached (10.38-6=4.38)
Chicken- each had $1 off meat coupon attached (so each pk was $1 something)
Ground beef- had $2 coupon on it (otherwise I wouldn't have gotten it, $2)
& the pork roast- couldn't find one at walmart and I want to try making pulled pork... no sale or coupon...
Total Price for all of the above: $63.13
Total saved: $113.17
That meat will make at least 23 meals
& yes my freezer is full.....

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