Saturday, March 19, 2011

2 down, 2 to go!

Well I survived another milestone, injection check off! Now I can offically stab people with a syringe lol just joking! I have to admit I was nervous but it was fairly easy. Sites aren't that hard, after I tried a couple people & of course drawing up a syringe is a piece of cake for me. Thank you lord for my continued success!!!!!!!!!
So now I have 4 days of hardcore prep in order to get ready for Sim Man day- uhhh & test 3! So let the lord smile down onto me and aid me in passing the Trach check-off, as well as pass (hopefully with a grade of 80 or better) test 3! I admit- I'm probably fail both if t were happening today but I'm going to put full effort into learning what I need to know! So God, if you're listening... I'm going to try my hardest to do "my part"!
That being said... this is probably my last post for a little while, as the day of my test (Thurs) my brother and family are coming! Just after the stress subsides! So here are my tidbits:
  • saw this article on 10 best cities to find a job.... here (note none in FL lol!)
  • Hip2Save- one of my fav blogs, has this recipe posted, I think it looks tasty and wish I could whip it up right now but my husband doesn't eat cream doesn't it look yummy? here
  • Sunday coupon preview here
  • Since my brand new mattress set is so tall (did not look that tall at store, my mattress sit on the floor without a frame and as a high as our old bed in a frame) my little max can no longer jump on the bed and seeing him try several times is heart wrenching, I'm thinking of buying theses steps here... if they don't workout at least I can return it... & the carpet wood made ones are 3 times this price

in the words of the looney tunes... thhhat's all for now folks... (i think that's what they said or maybe i'm "losing" it lol)

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