Friday, February 25, 2011

Anyone need an NG tube?

So.. today was a good day... I passed my NG check off. But I almost made a huge mistake, actually i did make the mistake but I said oh I messed up and Mrs. G said ok, what did u forget? To measure the tube... DUH! Waiting until the last round didn't help and hearing a bunch of other students discuss things didn't help me either. I was losing focus and I kinda had a deer in headlights moment. Lately info gets jumbled in my head (difficult keeping drugs straight) or i know but when pressured my mind goes blank or my brain is in one place while my body (hands or whatever) are somewhere else. I only hope this resolves itself before future damages occur... So thanks for the prayers. Now I just gotta get through my first 2 patient monday paper work and I can have a nice spring break. But a busy one with working on my project, practicing injections, and learning trach care (b/c the 2 weeks after S.B. all of that is due!). God don't wonder off too far....
  • I was finally picked to host a "House Party" for Digorno, yay me! I should get my package of freebies just in time for my brother to visit. Join here & apply to host parties.
  • Also there is a new coupon for $10/$25 purchase (code: LUXURY)
  • has some "stock up & save" sale going on... unfortunantly my 2 newest favs aren't part of the deal but check them out here & here. Cute!


  1. Good job Lee! I don't work well under stress either, but I'm sure the more you do everything the easier it will get when you're "put in the headlights" again. :) I'm so impressed. I'm too scared of failing it to even try it.

  2. Trust me i'm scared to but i think you could do it. When I decide to do something in my mind there is no chickening out, there is no giving up and there is no failure. I guess i hold myself to a high standard. If I gave myself a little hole to get out of the situation then I'd probably run to it and never accomplish everything. Like in 2 weeks I have to give a 10 min. presentation - it's almost my worst nightmare! But no matter how I hate it and will be nervous and red faced- I will do it because i have to.