Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Clinical # 2 complete!

So I actually made it another day of clinical... although I took my meds late and had a lingering cough when I arrived home with a horrible headache right behind my left eye....
But what can I say.... it was a generally unremarkable day.... I did the usual and attempted to do more but opportunities were limited. I enjoyed the lack of caos, is that so wrong?
There was one exceptional moment worth commenting on... a nurse working in diagnostics? or whatever they call it when they assist with "procedures".... she gave a few of us a remarkable speech on learning experiences, sticking with school, and being sure to get a BSN. Most nurses are pretty cooraperative with us students but every now and then you can't help but feel in the away or perhaps that the employees are annoyed with your presence.
So now I have 6 more clinical days and 1 mental health day. Yay me!
Quite the balancing act... half clinical work, half "new" school work. I will say I'd like this semester better if we had no or just 1 project (I call them projects, others may say reports?). And I have to say I feel a teensy bit more pressure with our limited lab check offs (only because they are very long and in depth this semester).
So now i'm this "funk"... too "tired" too really focus seriously on anything school related (I have been up since 4:45) but yet I don't or can't seem to find an alternative mindless activity until my show comes on tv later and then bedtime.
Take a deep breath, there is always an end to everyday, and new one to arise tomorrow....

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