Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday, Sunday....

Went to Publix and got a few items....
-"Buy Theirs get Ours Free" Instant Garlic mashed potatoes
- Sushi (my dinner)
-Rotel (going to make that Duggar thing one day)
- Knorr pasta sides
- 8 pks Pepsi products
That should be enough soda for 2 months, if I can keep the husband on his budgeted weekly allotment.... lol
Another another productive, aka spending, note... I ordered some replacement parts for my blender.... Go here if you own a cuisinart product. I was able to get a new blade and some rubber do-hicky (mine is like turning colors, even after i have clean it and soaked in bleach) I love the fact that my blender comes apart for easy replacement and cleaning!
So that is the bulk of my excitement today.... Tonight gonna watch Big Love (not super bowl).... Tomorrow gotta get my Flu shot, go to the bank, & of course pick out a patient at the hospital- Joy! But for now going to wash my long head of hair and get down to some nitty gritty Neuro studying....

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