Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday findings & my Valentines

So yesterday was my Valentines day with the hubster! We went to the movies, ate at red lobster (rob's fav) and attempted to do some shopping.... however... Target's clothes were not sparking any interest, Old Navy did have some cute spring things (and few reduced winter items) but none had the "percieved value" to get me to buy. At least I did confirm some items I'd like to get if they ever go on sale online....
  • Amazon has a few good books on sale for the friday sale.... several Taste of Home books, some Thanksgiving books too..... check'em out
  • Amazon also has a magazine deal- spend $20 and get a $10 credit to use sitewide (good through the 28th i think)
  • Want a personalized gift? maybe a late V-day present? Check out personal creations, I ordered a cute silver jewerly type box with Lee & Rob engraved on it... sweet!

So I'd love to set up more bulletin points but 1. I can't find any worth whiles 2. I need to get in gear and do something productive!!!!

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