Tuesday, January 25, 2011

is it week 3 of Nursing 2 already?????

I can't believe it, even saying it just doesn't seem right (as if I need to double check the calendar). Can you even believe that Christmas was a mere month ago?
I'm sure if you are in my position then you can not believe it.
So this semester is Med/Surg ... aka... the crackdown!
Now we are learning about region specific disease (like respiratory) plus all the meds that go along with each little disease.... And it's only a couple days until our first test... I'm so scared!
We've had lots of drama so far with class, I've had my first clinical but today should have been 2nd and full work load clinical but hey I'm sick.... That means I have to make this day up at the end of the semester! Joy to me. I know it seems like I'm complaining alot but really i'm shaking in my boots. My eyes are wide open and trying to hear every word muttered in class yet I still feel so lost and uneducated. Nursing one was easy to grasp because I could see it. Nursing 2... it's all basically book work, it's not reading but memorizing (which they claim we don't need to do... they also say we don't need to know the stuff like a doctor would but i bed to differ..).
So in my mind I had a few goals for the year... now my goals have ben reduced my priority is to passing Nursing 2, try to stay as healthy as possible while doing it and hopefully squeeze in a few minutes for God everyday. But it feels like i'm been slacking on all of the above. So tomorrow I'm going to try and push past this "i'm so overwhelmed that I am frozen in place, ie can't study" feeling and grind out a day of studying, coughing, & sniffles. So if you are the praying type please say a prayer for me, please! At this point I feel like the lone kid in class that just doesn't get it and while everyone else could probably rattle off the symptoms to COPD, HIV, and others... I'm just like uhhh B?
So God if you can read this blog please help me get it, help me pass this test and this class so I can continue forward on my path. Amen!

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