Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Duggar News....

I'm thrilled to pass along the news that the Duggar Family is expecting baby 19 (arriving in march). I'm just excited to see how it plays ot and hope to catch some moments on their show 18 Kids and Counting, guess they'll have to change it to 19 next year. I only wish i watched the the Today show to get the news....


  1. I wondered what was going on! I caught a little bit of The Today Show when my husband was passing through the channels. They were all sitting there and if I remember right they were playing some kind of "baby" music so I wondered...

  2. I missed it but it might pop up on youtube. I heard they were a little surprised because the gap between pregnancies are usually longer.

  3. I watched it today online. HAHA..surprise surprise!