Friday, September 25, 2009

New Day...New Goals..

I woke up this morning and did my usual (take dogs out) then i rushed to the mail box to slip my nursing app in the mail. It's just going across town so I figure it might arrive around Monday (?). I don't know when they send out the official acceptance letters but i'm guessing it will be once they have received all 120 apps (# of students to begin Fall '10), i'd estimate that to be around the end of this fall semester. And since my school demands tht all prereq work be completed and grades in system prior to applying....I'd say I've got a pretty good shot at beginning the program next fall. Feeling pretty good because i can finally see it all coming together and soon will be able to pinpoint my graduation date and the start of a wonderful career!
On that note, I've got a new goal...getting a job. I don't much look forward to this as I'm unsure how it will go. But i know the worst part is the getting part and like the first couple weeks learning a new job. First stop will be Hot Topic of course! I have pink hair so I figure that might be a plus for them lol. Even though I've held down 2 different jobs for major companies with pink (or blue or blue & pink) hair, I'm slightly curious to see how employers will take the hair. I've learned something in the past 5 years and that is that more companies than you think Don't have a policy dictating the color of ones hair. And thus is how I've be "allowed" to have unnaturally colored hair. I really don't see why "color" should matter, what is more important is hygiene and that you look groomed (not dirty sloppy mess). I'm sure this maybe viewed as extreme, but it's really prejudice. If we live in a society where we aren't judged on skin color (or eye color) then why hair color? I suppose this battle will wage on because unlike those other things it is a choice, i mean i can "change" it, I just don't want to have to. Especially since I know that being a nurse means (99% sure) I'll have to "conform" and dye my hair a natural "acceptable" color (ugh!). But don't get me wrong, roll over and take it I shall not! You can bet that one day I'll ask my nurse manager and we shall see! (or just buy a blonde wig and dye my hair anyways lol). Yeah I know ... u say crazy...I say passionate! :)

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