Monday, September 21, 2009


It's this time of year when I miss TN a wee bit more... the chill in the air, the cute sweaters at Old Navy... I never really thought I'd get attached to cold weather since I've never lived in it that much. And I can feel the 90's fade into 80's here, the nights are comfy out; it's not quite the same. Sweater weather is like 2 months top! I'd love to hand out candy on a chilled Halloween night with leaves blowing down the street from my house....(i don't have a house)


  1. I love Fall! I live in the weather you described but I wish I lived in TN too. It's so beautiful! I love it there! One day...

  2. That would be something if u lived in TN and I did too. We haven't been in the same state for a long time, and it's inly about 6 hours to Urbana area and 6 hours to the beach (depending on which part u lived in)lol

  3. I know, I thought of that too. We would love to retire there one day in or near the mountains. We're hoping to one day get there before retirement though. :)