Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New Old Navy Outfit...

I decided to model it today due to the fact that I'm considering wearing this on my TN trip, I think it won't be too cold that I can't wear it or too hot (added the tights for extra warmth).
Shoes: got from walmart for my Dorothy's funeral (cheap! wish i had second pair)
Sweater (orig over$40) sale $20
Dress (orig $15) Clearance $7.99+extra 50% off= 3.99
Tights (walmart, old navy didn't have my size but same $) $5
minus my coupon= $24.68
note: green was not my first choice but only one in my size, wanted pink or black (pink still available online might buy but going to another Old Navy friday to see if they have any, yes addicted i know...but comfy and affordable clothing)

1 comment:

  1. Cute green dress! I really like the sweater too! Old Navy can be very addicting. :)