Wednesday, September 2, 2009


What can you get at Walmart for around $32?
1- gal of Milk
4- Iams canned dog food
2- 28 oz. Bush's Baked Beans
1- Wach. Frozen chinese dinner
2- Betty Crocker icings
1- Chiquta singles fruit
2- Edwards froxen desserts
1- Hormel (shelf stable) meal (using for Hurricane preparedness)
2- Betty Crocker dessert bowls
1- Honey Bunches w/ pecan clusters
1- Mrs. Butterwoth syrup
1- Log Cabin syrup
1- 4ct Fiber One yogurt
2- Velvetta Shells & Chez cups
1- Bunch of Celery
1- 2 # bunch of Carrots
1- 10 ct Mrs Pauls fish fillets
1- 44 ct Mrs Pauls fish sticks
4- Random Healthy Choice tv dinners
Total before Coupons-------$61.95
Total Coupons used: $29.73


  1. Yeah, most of the things I buy i use coupons for, unless there is a cheaper version w/o coupons. And there are some greaet printable coupon websites that really help me out...Like yesterday I found $1/1 Grands biscuits, these are just over a $1 at walmart and I've heard some stores like a kroger even have them for $1 on sale (we don't have kroger in the south though).