Monday, August 31, 2009

What a day (or 24 hours)....

Last night....
The biggest Palmetto bug (looks like a giant roach) pops out of our ceiling vent, fluttering towards my general direction (at my computer desk playing WOW)....ran out of room screaming, locked self in bedroom...Rob followed but aws my hero by locating and eliminating Bug!
Started off as planned (slightly stressful) trip to vet for my darling Max (routine shots and check up)- Everything just fine (relief) next visit in 6 months for senior blood work (i love my little 12 year old baby, i am like a teen mother with the exception that my baby is furry and adopted! LoL
After previous event I ate and slightly stale bowlof lucky charms while waiting for the Hubs to wake up, believing all the while that we'd be seeing 2 movies that we both have been waiting for.....However......After the less-than-perfect bowl of cereal I woke up the hubs to confirm the movie plans....
Well.....(skipping to next scene)....I'm looking up directions for the florida hospital (11:00 am), We get there, just after 11 am-----------We leave at 5:10 pm. Some blood work, urine sample, xray and ct later.....Rob is fine, generally speaking. He has some kind of pain or strained area in his left lower rib area (cartilage something or other they said likely or did something like lifting w/o relizing the "strain").
All of that aboove resulted in just over $400 OOP today...with a ER bill to come. But hopefully we will get financial assistance due to out low income. Rob's taking a lovely yellow muscle relaxer(sedative looking) pill and got a rather large amount of prescription IBprofen. And he gets to stay home sick from work tomorrow. But his blood pressure and everything is peachy!
The worst part was after 12ish my head began to hurt due to either stress of not having had anything to drink today...this continued and worsened until we left and stopped at KFC for refueling. By the end of the day I was in more pain than rob.
But I am glad that 2 of my most loved guys are doing well...Thanks God!

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  1. I'm glad your boys are doing "well". I hope Rob heals quickly!
    As for that bug, YIKES! I would have ran to the other room too!