Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Horror Movie Scene..

This post is just about the news in the horror world...
  • I just read at Fangoria that a Halloween 3D, pardon my confusion but is this like the first Hallow but in 3D or a the third Hallow plus 3 dimensional? Either Way Rob Zombie isn't doing shit. My view- 1. if it's H1 in 3d- why? do we need a 3rd remake of H1??? 2.-if 3d version of a new H3- I really feel like RZ has put his stamp on the remakes of Halloween and am finding it hard to imagine that a 3rd Halloween could compare to the previous 2. If it was Rob i'd be open but am feeling like this had the weight of the world against it...
  • Also "heard" they are remaking a few more horror films.... Night of the Demons (loved the original, pretty hard to beat!), The Wolfman, The Crazies, Straw Dogs (w/ Alex aka Eric -True Blood), Hellraiser, Let the Right One In (English remake)
  • Here are some upcoming sequels------Cabin Fever 2 (Hello, took ya like 6 years to get it going?), Resident Evil 4, Decent 2, And last (& least!) more Saw's to come! Of freakin joy, let be jump on the table...seriously I've seen like 4 or 5 of them but after the second or 3rd i really couldn't care and honestly were never gaga over! I mean the whole concept it based on new gruesome ways to torture and kill people w/o a real plot...no offense..

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