Wednesday, March 25, 2009


  • So I decided I'd share with you my menu of dinners this week: Monday - Bourbon Breaded Chicken w/ Fried Rice; Tuesday - Soft Tacos; Wednesday - Chicken ala king with biscuits; Thursday - Cheeseburgers with tator tots or sweet potato fries; Friday - Roast Beef (pot roast) with carrots and red skinned potatoes; Saturday - Pork chops; Sunday - Bertolli Chicken Parm oven baked meal (we're going to a new mall and super target this afternoon so I wanna an easy, throw in oven meal)

  • Couponer? Check out the preview for Sunday inserts here! Need to order some coupons? Check out the couponer clippers, I live in Florida (they are based there) so it only takes me 2 days to get my order once it's sent.
  • Keep an eye out in April for the Skintamate Shave Gel/Cream sale at Walgreens & CVS. Should be able to get it free after RR or EB....great time to stock up, I can never find deals of women's shaving cream.
  • And just to note I didn't publish my last week walgreens run so here is the short version. I bought I got 6 candy bars, 8 Dove go fresh Deordorants, 3 boxes of tissues. I used $12 in RR and put $8.?? on my Giftcard. Got back $10 RR. (I need to re-stock tissues because we've all been sick this month & now i have a stock-pile of deordorants just like Rob, I'd guess a year worth, and no I don't think I'm crazy just frugally practical :)

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