Monday, March 9, 2009


So, I usually do some shopping on monday because I have school tuesday and I avoid it on the weekends because of crowds. So I went to Walmart, before coupons it was about $47 but after it was $35 (only $12.?? out of pocket because i used the last of Feb's foodstamps but glad to say pretty soon we'll be off them since Rob has a job now, although his hours aren't good yet, too little but they said they'd get him up to 40 so i'm trying to be patient!)
I went to walgreens cause i didn't go yesterday when the sales started. Big mistake! They were out of the Glade sense and spray and lasting impressions. I plan on going back tomorrow because my fav cashier ( i almost check out with her exclusively) wasn't there, maybe her day off, so i decided to not get my deals that would be free because the coupons are technically 1 cent more than the cost and once i had a lady say (actually twice) that i couldn't use it, although a manager told me they could adjust it anytime if i asked because i complained. My fav cashier already knows this and is very smart about coupons! So i'll ask her when they'll be getting in anymore, get a raincheck maybe, hit up the next 2 walgreens to check to see if they have'em. I have a ton of coupons and 3 expire this week so i hope somebody can get'em, i'd hate to waste bogo coupons.

Also, i just want to remind ya'all that u can save on food by checking out this place (very minited states) , it's like angel food ministries. Buy a food of food for discounted price.

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