Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New Coupons

  • preview the new Sunday coupons and guess what there will be 3 inserts, go here to get a peak.
  • Didn't get lat week's paper but wanna get some of the coupons, buy them at the coupon clippers. You pay just cents for the coupons so you can still take advantage of awesome sales and promotions, like Starkist Seasations $3 off, The goodlife pet food $3 off, Gillette Body wash $2 off, or $0.75 off any kotex liners (at my walmart they are $1 so with coupon they are 25 cents)(I made my first order this week total cost $6.66 value of coupons $56, beats buying extra papers anyday!)
  • Got RedBox, then use the march free wednesday code :7BG123 . Good only until 9p.m. and must be returned tomorrow if you want it for free!

Well I best be going now, have some tasks to complete and the dogs need walking (Rob got called to come into work this morning, was supposed to work tonight so not really sure what's going on there).

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