Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Clipping Rituals...

So today I decided to not go out for deals. All i did was go to CVS to get another newspaper (paid with ECB but it was more than the paper so i ended up buying 6 single serving pieces of chocolate that was on clearance for 3 cents each). I clipped my coupons and sorted them but after i started organizing my wags and cvs deals i started to get "burned out" so i tucked my coupons away so i may file them later.

I also took my first quiz in government today, i'm disappointed because i got a D, i only missed 5 questions; guess i need to study more (i admit i didn't study much). They were the type of question where you think it could be more than one answer or 2 answers were really close or i didn't fully understand it until i saw the corrected answer lol. It'll only end up being 1/10 of 10% grade, nothing to cause damage.

Other than i'm gonna study some spanish, if i feel energetic i'll start my math HW, cook some dinner (not sure yet), take a bath (my legs are getting a wee hairy), and watch Big Love premiere tonight on HBO w/ my hubby. Also gotta do dishes, my turn.
Tomorrow i'm going to CVS, should post my deal-ios.

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