Monday, January 19, 2009

CVS 1/19 and my day

So today wasn't too eventful. I do go to CVS but struggled to find a way to blow my expiring ECBs, i still have more to spend so i guess i'll stop off on my way home from school. When i arrived at CVS i scanned my card and it printed a coupon for excedrin ($1 off)and i had one Manfac. coupon for $1 off, so i got the on sale $1.99 excedrin for FREE.
10-8 pks Dew
2- king size snickers
12- GenSoy bars (clearanced)
prce after sales coupons before tax-----------------$28.83
paid with 28 ECB, 83 cents cash
Got back $11 ECBs

Probably hit up Walgreens on friday
Did some math HW but it was difficult to understand, hope the teachers goes over it more than she did the 2nd day of class. Going to Lang Lab fo Spanish tomorrow, wonder how that might go... lol.... for now i gotta make dinner (popcorn shrimp and curly fries- so healthy!). Then gonna watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager(s).

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