Friday, January 30, 2009

My Stash

This is 1 of 2 cabinets on the bottom of my entertainment center. This one is composed of mainly giftables (items i don't need/use that i will most likely gift to people or donate w/the except of at least 1 sense & spray, haven't any room in next cabinet and don't need to open it right now). Mainly candles/ good smellin things, toothpaste, buddies soap, etc.

This is the other entertainment cabinet, I use this as my back stock space for non-bathroom items; like cleaners, candy, foil, dish soap, air freshener/or refills, etc. The baggie is full of my back stock makeup, items i don't need to open because i have one already opened or have too many of like items open (like lip gloss or eye shadow).

This is my main storage area for personal items, this my cabinet in the bathroom. A few items (to the front right of Gillette hair products) are items that i'm using (slowly). To the rear of the cotton balls I have a walmart bag stuffed with various cold/flu medicines and cough drops, as well as a stack of pain relievers. To the back left of the Gillette is a lot of shampoo/conditioners, several shaving creams, couple liquid body soaps, & Listerine (only thing open in that area is 1-Listerine that i use to refill a smaller body of Listerine that i keep by the sink).

This is our towel cabinet in the bathroom (i love our bathroom cuz it's huge). This houses 2 bottles of contact cleanser (probably won't even use the 2nd before it expires so might have to give/donate it), 1- box of q-tips, a stack of dove soap bars, & under the peroxide is 2 tubes of crest. The plastic box is my homemade first aid kit (various first aid items, band-aids, left over bandages from surgery, creams and stuff).

*These photos do not include some stash items like my husbands deodorant, eyes drops, glade scented oil candle refills, or food items. (although my stock of food is smaller than non-food items)

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