Friday, January 30, 2009

Baby Moment

I'm currently having one of those moments where I think I want a baby. Of course that would only happen by a miraculous force from God since I just got my shot this morning lol. But Last night I was fiddling around on the internet and was at; so I had to check out the baby junk. They have some cute things and even like high end stuff. Like I saw a few onesies for over $22. I mean COME ON, cute-totally, but a baby only wears that stuff a few months right and they may even stain it all up so it wouldn't be worth passing along to future babies or friends w/babies. And I could buy myself some Walmart jean or A few super clearanced items at Old Navy or a t-shirt from one of my fav shops. Something that should last ME a lot longer than a baby. I don't think that is selfish, just a better way to spend $20. But if someone else wanted to take their own $20 and buy my future baby something over priced and super cute, be my guest! I'm too frugal a person to do it myself.
P.S. I did do a tiny bit more shopping at Old Navy and bought a 49 cent pair of baby socks. Couldn't say no....

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