Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CVS 1/20

So i had to use my expiring ECBs and this is what i got
my card:
3- V-day cards
1-Indian Jones movie
2-Allergy packets of pills CVs brand
paid with 33.36 ecbs, 2.18 cash
got back 10.58 ECBs
(i know it's not a very greta deal i only got the over-priced movie because i had $14 in ECBs left to spend ((had to borrow 10 ecb expiring next week)) and i honestly didn't need anymore household cleaners, food, shampoo...ect....and what i did want, they didn't have, and it was a non-usual item, just speciality so i can't ever get it. ie. no raincheck)

rob's card:
10-8 pks moutain
(i wanted some sierra mist but they were out)
ECBs used----------------$9
ECBs got back------------$10


  1. What's ECB? I hope that's not a stupid question. :)

  2. ECB = Extra Cash Back or Extra Cash Bucks
    basically you buy a certain item that will give you an ECB once you've paid for it ( it's on the bottom of a receipt) and you use that has money (u just can't buy stamps, gift cards, tobacco/alcohol) It's CVS money! It usually has a expiration date for a month from the date it was issued and CVS every 3 months will send u 1% of the money you've spent there in the past 3 months, so you'll get back 1% of your purchases every 3 months in the form of an ECB.